4 january 2020 chinese astrology

It symbolizes purity, wisdom, flawless perfection.

People born in the Year of the Metal Rat have a sharp mind, strong will. They are able to make quick decisions, their power is enough for a few things at once.

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Representatives of this sign is very eloquent, they are easy to defend their point of view. However, the lack of flexibility, it is very stubborn, having decided, rarely change their opinion.

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Often fall into anger and quick to take offense, while trying not to share their feelings with others. Nourish cautious and cunning beast promotes luck in financial affairs. Rat distinguishes sharp mind, moreover, it is very careful. People of this sign have a phenomenal intuition in business.

Money matters do not cause trouble. Any undertaking commercial activities are completed successfully. People born in this year, become successful politicians, businessmen, journalists, financiers. Representatives of the Metal Rat give the impression of confident and even narcissistic people. However, under the guise of a strong people often hides subtle and shy nature, which sometimes doubt in own choice, although it carefully hides. Creatively gifted people are able to create a cozy and homely atmosphere, love to receive visitors.

The charming Rats able to win and are always in the spotlight. This can very aggressively to defend their interests. Vigorous Rat is not looking for easy ways.

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People of this sign always go to his purpose, it does not matter how many obstacles to be overcome. Share with friends. Map and Directions View Map. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in.

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