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However, the only zodiac sign that is not recommended for Capricorns is Sagittarius because it is believed that these two signs cannot have a good relationship. It is also interesting to say that people born on January 9 are very unpredictable. Even when they are in a serious relationship, they can easily make it over. But, when they are in a marriage, then they will do anything to protect their families. Now when you have seen love compatibility of people born on January 9, we will tell you something about their career and purpose in life.

People born on January 9 have a lot of qualities. When they have to choose a career, it is not always easy, because they may be successful in many different fields. Thanks to your sociability, you may have a great career in teaching, business and also in promotions. If you are interested in finance or science, you can also make success in these fields. However, there are many people born on January 9 who are successful in music. For example, we can mention Dave Matthews, but there are also many other musicians who have made great careers.

People born on January 9 are also very creative and many of them are successful philosophers and psychologists. There are many life coaches who are born on January 9. Later in this text you will have the opportunity to find out something more about famous people born on January 9 and their careers. It can help you decide which career may be best for you. Also, you should have in mind that it is not very important which career you will choose, because you will be successful in anything you do. We have already said that people born on January 9 are able to make great success and to make people admire you.

A lucky day for people born on January 9 is Saturday. Actually, this day is lucky for all people born under Capricorn zodiac sign. A color that is lucky for January 9 zodiac sign is a brown color, which is a symbol of something traditional and stabile. If you are a Capricorn born on January 9, you should have many things in your house that are in brown color.

It is believed that people whose lucky color is brown are very determined and stability is their other name. There are also other colors that may be lucky for Capricorns born on January 9 and these colors are usually dark green and some earth tones. There is also a birthstone that is typical for Capricorns born on this day and it is the Garnet. This stone is a symbol of loyalty and truthfullness.

Your horoscope for January 9 to 15, 2014

It is also believed that these people are aware and responsible. If you are interested in the origin of this powerful stone, it can be found in India, Sri Lanka and also in Africa. Garnet is usually black, green or red.

There is also another stone that could bring luck in the life of a Capricorn born on January 9. This stone is Sapphire and it usually symbolizes sincerity and reliability. According to astrology, golden obsidian is also a lucky stone for all people born on January 9. This stone is a symbol of enlightenment and it helps people increase self control. When it comes to flowers that are lucky for Capricorns, we can mention carnations and dandelions. Metal that is typical for these people is silver. If you are looking for a gift that could be perfect for someone born on January 9, then we recommend you to choose a plant that has healing properties or maybe a suitable gemstone.

People born on January 9 love to have something with healing properties or something that could help them feel better. These are only some of the most important historical events that happened on January 9.

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning.

There are also many other events that happened on this day. There are too many famous people who are born on January 9. Now you will see some of them.

Lucky color

For example, we have to say that a famous movie actress Nicola Peltz is born on January 9, We have also to mention that a famous Belgian-Italian singer Lara Fabian was born on January 9, There are also other famous people who are born on January 9. As you can see, there are many different professions for people born on this day. It may help you discover which profession may be best for you. You have seen in this article the most important characteristics of people born on January 9. As you could see, these people are usually successful and self-motivated. They are ready to do anything to achieve their goals.

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People born on January 9 are also practical, sensitive and very cautious. We have already mentioned that the element that is connected to people born on January 9 is Earth. The planet that is responsible for January 9 people is Saturn, but there is also a certain influence of Venus, as we have already mentioned. We hope this article has been useful for you and it helped you understand better the most important characteristics of people born on January 9.

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Mercury in Aquarius, starting Saturday, pushes your Refresh button. Tuesday to Thursday can help you gain added recognition or nail down a professional or financial contract. Scorpio October 23 - November Interactions should prove to be fairly straightforward. Get back in touch with an old friend or colleague, or forge a new bond.

Astrology Numerology for Person Born on January 9th

Sagittarius November 22 - December Keep at it, and by the weekend you should have plenty to show for your efforts. Sign on for the long haul. It can also see love or family blossom, or prompt a new home address. Capricorn December 21 - January Mars keeps you steadily breaking away from the past and breaking new ground. Saturday can bring a realization, added attention, or an opportunity to do something good for yourself.

An interview or presentation goes well. Aquarius January 19 - February Mercury into Aquarius boosts you with a fresh stimulus and plenty of can-do. As well, you can gain added support, good advice or test results, or an opportunity to prove yourself.


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