Abhijit nakshatra horoscope

Physical features: Slim body with long face, long and double chin, large feet. She will be quite fat upto her 16th year. Character and general events: Subject to crossing her 18th year, a sudden unexpected positive event will take place. She is then a matured lady, who has thoroughly learned value of life after a severe jolt.

She is everywhere. Her capacity to handle several works at a time is excellent. Excellent executive talent.

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She is the employee, She is the master and she is the owner i. She will earn considerable wealth on her own effort. Business seems to be preference of the native rather than career.

28 - Abhijit Nakshatra

Family life : Since she hates the men folk due mainly to an unforgettable sexual assault on her at a very young age, on or about her 12 to 14 years of age, she may not be inclined to marry initially. However, marriage may take place between her 27 to 30th year. Her marital life will be good and will have good children. Health: Health will be very bad during childhood.

May suffer from whooping cough, rheumatism, arthritics or skin diseases. Her 15th year will be most troublesome period.

Abhijit Nakshatra

Parents are advised not to venture to scold the native. On the other hand, keep a watch over the native secretly and try to make her understand about her drawbacks, with love and affection. If she can prolong beyond the age of 18 years, there is nothing to worry, she is at the top thereafter. Daily Horoscope. Monthly Horoscope. Yearly Horoscope. Female Native 1. Member Indianet Services. Legal solutions in 46 cities across India. Vedic astrology website. Indian law, Bare acts website. Daily horoscope, monthly , annual horoscope forecast. Live help, Live chat support Software. This is the reason they selected Abhijit Muhurta to commence any auspicious task.

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Abhijit Muhurta starts daily around 12 noon. Sikhs get married in an Abhijit Muhurta called Anand Karaj. They take rounds of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Corresponding period during night time which is considered auspicious is the Brahma Muhurta. Most of the auspicious tasks can be initiated during this time. Lord Shiva beheaded demon Tripurasura during Abhijit Muhurta.

However Abhijit Muhurta is not considered good on wednesdays. Travel to south is also not advisable on wednesday. Our Late prime minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and Dr. Rajendra Prasad, our first president felt the need to capitalise on the power of Abhijit Muhurta to take back the reins from the Britishers.

They consulted various eminent astrologers of the country and were guided by them to declare India independent at midnight on August 15, at the time of Abhijit Muhurta. The Lagna was also fixed which ensured the stability of the country. Another reason that was also considered was that the Moon would be moving to Pushya Nakshatra which is king of Nakshatras.

On the other hand Pakistan took independence one day in advance when there was a moveable sign and Moon was in Gemini forming a Khala Yoga. The result is that Pakistan has already broken as a nation when Bangladesh was created. Such big events should always be done under astrological consultations to avoid problems. Today people are very busy. They have limited time to spend with their relatives.

All the relatives may not be available on all dates. Not having a good Muhurat for an important occasion can really cause problems.